Hi, I'm Max!

I'm a web app developer located in Gainesville, Florida.

I have experience in designing data-dense yet clutter-free user experiences, and writing powerful code with a focus on maintainability, reusability, and elegance.

Some career highlights so far include creating Android apps for a DoD client, and creating the world's first diabetes surgery risk calculator.

My Passions

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My experience so far has been as a full-stack developer, creating apps from concept to release and being involved in everything from the server design to supporting the end-users. I'm super passionate about doing whatever it takes to create beautiful interfaces and rock-solid backends that totally solve the user's problem.

Diversity & Disability

I also have personal passions for increasing diversity in tech and accomodating disability through accessibility.

My Skills

My Career


Interloc Solutions, Inc.

My Portfolio

Diabetes Surgery Risk Calculator

This is the world's first diabetes surgery risk calculator, for the ASMBS' "Escape Diabetes" site. The results are calculated with clean, object-oriented ES6+ JS, while still supporting IE11. The UI was designed and styled by me.

ASMBS Provider Search

The ASMBS' previous provider search had no map and retrieved providers by looping through a manually-updated CSV file. My revamp added Google Maps, Google Places Autocomplete, user geolocation, responsive member photos stored on Amazon CloudFront, and live results pulled directly from the RESTful database API that I designed.


Inherited from another developer, this custom-built association management app allows staff to manage members, invoices, committees, and more. I have added a module for running and snapshotting reports, a module for managing their annual events (attended by over 5,000), and a system for asynchronously importing legacy event records (including a complex person-matching algorithm). There is also a full BDD testing suite to catch bugs and prevent regressions, and bulletproof integrations with MailChimp, Cvent, and Planstone.


Absorb is a browser game in which you are an orb floating through space, absorbing others who are smaller to stay alive, and avoiding larger predators. When you grow to full size, you split into two, and your goal is to not only survive, but to ensure the survival of your offspring.

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